Exhibition organizers and exhibit managers who understand the complexities of international shipping and customs procedures choose Thakur Logistics to handle their exhibition logistics requirements. They know the success of the show depends on it.

Services Offered for Exhibition Logistics

Thakur Logistics offers complete turnkey projects for goods coming from point of origin to delivery of sites in India. And subsequent delivery back to point of origin.

Our services include

  • Pre-documentation coordination with shipper
  • Collection of documents from airline/shipping lines
  • Preparation, presentation and processing of relevant import entry documents required by law
  • Loading at airport/port and transport to relevant site
  • Unloading, customs examination and attendance and delivery to final point
  • Provision of labor and equipment to assist with unpacking and positioning of materials on final point
  • Removal of empties to storage
  • On site supervision by staff

Disposal instructions – During the show, senior executive will visit to each exhibitor at their booths and collect the disposal instructions of their imported material, and the same will be reconfirmed with our associates and followed strictly, unless otherwise informed.

Re-export – Arrange re-exportation of shipments .

Warehousing – we have warehouses in all major cities, which are fully protected by private security and maintained by professional vendors. All shipments which are left for on hold for future shows or sales are stored there till validity period of ATA Carnets or Bank guarantee on cost recovery basis.

Equipments – Thakur Logistics has their nos of vendors for handling equipments

IATA / customs clearances Service – we have our own customs licence and IATA, and all clearances are carried out by our own regular staff at all airports /ports. We have very good relationship with many airlines to provide better air freight rates to our clients / associates.